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Implants will improve your appearance, let you enjoy eating and give you confidence that your dental health has been greatly approved.

This is the office to have all perio performed and I would continue my treatment here
even if I relocate back to NYC.

At first I was hesitant, but with the pleasant experience with the whole staff and Dr. Cullen my fear was removed and I looked forward to the experience knowing that it would be positive.

If I had known how satisfying the final results were, I would never have wasted money on a failed bridge.
Very satisfied with result, like my own teeth, only they will not get cavities.

Amazing treatment from a caring professional staff.

I am a dental phobic and all of the procedures were not as bad as having a filling replaced or a cavity drilled!

Dental implants will allow me to feel confident when I smile and interacting with others.

Dr. Cullen and staff are with you throughout the entire process with any concerns or questions even when you are a tad nervous or unsure!

Dr. Cullen and his staff represent quality, highly competent surgical care coupled with a commitment to patient care and service. From making the appointment through the procedure, follow-up care, care and concern for my well being was consistently demonstrated. Dr. Cullen makes himself available to his patients 24 hours a day. He proactively minimizes the potential for any complication and takes every precaution to ensure a positive outcome. His staff is extremely efficient and friendly.

Implants are the only prosthesis that can replace the loss at 100%. As busy and active as we all are coupled with the inconvenience associated with dentures, the expense is easily justified. Dr. Cullen actively takes all the necessary steps to minimize, if not eliminate, any risk of failure and his efforts result in a positive outcome.

Being a dental phobic, in need of extensive restoration, I found the concern and care demonstrated by Dr. Cullen and his staff to be outstanding. Throughout the procedure and aftercare, every effort was made to eliminate any discomfort. I had put restoration off for years and now I’m looking forward to having my final implant done, without any concerns at all.

What a relief not to have the discomfort and awkwardness of a partial. The partial made eating and talking very uncomfortable.

It means everything to me to have a permanent tooth where I had lost a tooth. It fits seamlessly with my other teeth, so comfortable that I really am not aware of its presence.

Dr. Cullen surgically inserted dental implants for me on two separate occasions. Based on my personal experience with his skilled surgical technique and the excellent results of his work, I would strongly recommend that anyone considering this treatment should proceed.

If you have been suffering from root canal issues that won’t go away and the tooth cannot be saved, then implant treatment is probably for you. The cost is offset by the ending of repeated visits to save the dying tooth. The end result is comfort in knowing that you have a solution to your problem that will last for years to come.

I had three implants done. In my situation, there was minimal discomfort due to Dr. Cullen and his staff’s expertise. Dr. Cullen was very caring during and after the procedure and kept in contact with me concerning any discomfort.

I had no discomfort, whatsoever, even did not need any painkillers after the operation. The operation was easy on me, surely speaking clearly about the professional level of the team and Dr. Cullen.

I have already told many friends that it is the best place to come because all of my questions were answered and I really had no pain. I was well taken care of.

Implants add a measure of normality that I have not had in years. This is a permanent fix to a problem that happened years and years ago. I have more confidence in eating crunchy and chewy foods.

Not having to think about how your smile looks to those around you – being able to eat foods – just like those with good strong teeth – because now you have the good strong teeth as well. And taking care of the implants is very important for you want to have these in good shape for many years to come.

Dr. Cullen is totally competent and professional. He really cares about his patients. In all the years I have been dealing with the medical profession, Dr. Cullen is only the second to personally call me at home to check on my condition!

Dr. Cullen has performed several surgical procedures for me, including two dental implants. I have found him to be an extremely skilled professional. I feel very relaxed when consulting him about periodontal problems, and I’m always confident that I’ll receive the best treatment available.

Dr. Cullen and his staff consistently demonstrate the highest level of quality care. They are a team of professionals that serve as an example for others in the Health Care Industry to follow. The quality of care, the attention to detail, the concern for the patient’s comfort, and the thoroughness of Dr. Cullen truly exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Dr. Cullen to anyone considering a dental implant.

I would highly recommend Dr. Cullen to anyone. He is very professional, a perfectionist, kind, gentle, explains in detail what he is going to do and while he is working on you he is not only explaining things to you but also to the staff member assisting. He is a great teacher. Any organization is only as good as the person at the top, because how that person conducts themselves filters down thru. This speaks well of Dr. Cullen, for he has an excellent staff. Everyone is pleasant, kind, gentle and helpful, and very professional.

I was very, very pleased with Dr. Cullen and his entire staff. I found his expertise and perfectionism very reassuring and his staff was very professional, helpful and made me feel as relaxed as possible. Overall this practice was the best I could have had to do this major procedure.