Facts About Us

Facts About Us

Dr. Cullen continues to further his education by attending many
CE courses.

In addition to furthering his own education Dr. Cullen is passionate about helping other dentists in their quest to continue their education. Dr. Cullen has encouraged his hygienists to take the course for licensure to administer local anesthesia in Pennsylvania.

Along these lines Dr. Cullen has recently been approved as an AGD provider which means he is now certified to give CE credits to dentists and hygienists in PA. Dr. Cullen hosted a very successful training program for area dentists to help further their knowledge about dental implants. He will be repeating this course this year.

By developing a study club, Dentists for Comprehensive Care, Dr. Cullen is helping area dentists to further their education. Dr. Cullen has arranged for many of the top presenters in the country to speak to area dentists.

Dr. Cullen hosted Dr. Stephen Chu, one of the premier implantologists in the country.

Dr. Cullen’s office has become the go to place for area dental offices seeking information. Through the development of many lunch and learn presentations Dr. Cullen and his team have contributed to the continuing growth and knowledge of these offices.

After attending courses about bone regeneration Dr. Cullen was the first dentist in the area to use BMP(bone morphogenic protein) to help rebuild bone. In cases where there was previously no hope there is now the ability to produce bone. Dr. Cullen has continued to learn about this exciting development. He has recently returned from a seminar in San Diego presented by the original research team of Medtronics who produced BMP.

Dr. Cullen served on the Pennsylvania State Board of Dentistry for 7 years from 1998 to 2005 and was Chairman of the Board for his last 3 years. He was also Chairman of the Transition Team for the Office of Income Maintenance for Governor Tom Ridge in 1994.

Our hygienists Lori and Stephanie are among the first hygienists to be certified by the state of Pennsylvania to administer local anesthesia.

For the fourth year in a row Dr. Cullen has been named one of the Top Dentists of South Central Pa.